Wholesale Unstuffed Soccer Ball Gray Black Pillow

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Wholesale Unstuffed Soccer Ball Pillow

Our wholesale unstuffed soccer pillows are just the thing for kids who walk, talk and dream about all things soccer and whose rooms resemble a mini soccer field. And because they would have created it themselves, they are sure to love it even more. The 16” unstuffed soccer pillows are flat and unstuffed when you buy them so that each kid can experience the unbridled joy of actually stuffing their own soccer ball. Watch their eyes light up with excitement as they see their stuffed soccer pillow taking shape in front of their very own eyes. After they are done, you just pull the one-way zipper and it seals the stuffing in.

Wholesale unstuffed gray and black soccer pillows are excellent for sports team or birthday party activities, party favors, craft parties or community events, where the kids can make them and then take them home. Made of 100% polyester, these stuffed soccer balls are non toxic, non allergic and safe for kids of all ages. Diehard soccer fans would be delighted at the opportunity to make and take their very own stuffed soccer pillow.

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