The nice thing about fund raisers is that you can make it entirely your choice.  Many organizations do a pre-order.  They will choose anywhere from 1 to several animals (we do not hold animals so there is no guarantee what you choose will be in stock when you place your order.  That is why we suggest choosing animals with a high quantity).  Our animals are 16 inches and start at $5.75.  They include the animal skin, a heart and a printable birth certificate you can find on our website.  
We suggest the bulk stuffing to save on costs and can stuff about 4 animals. Or you can also choose the convenience of individual stuffing packs.   Options you can add on are T-Shirts, custom print on the shirt, and cinch backpack or box.
To find your exact shipping you can go to the website as though you were placing the order, just don't hit the payment button.  Your shipping options will appear.  
Once you have chosen what you like, you get to choose what you will sell it for and your profit.  The final step is to go on our website and place your order.  
We ask for 2-3 business days to process your order and shipping can be anywhere from 3-5 business days (we use UPS and ship from Southern California).
Orders are final and non returnable.
Please let us know if you have any questions and we wish you luck on your fund raiser.