Party Plan

Bday Bears unstuffed bears and unstuffed animals can be purchased for birthday parties, charity events, bar mitzvahs, corporate events, Santa's workshops, reselling. Unstuffed bears and unstuffed animal workshops help make a great hands-on craft activity for kids of all ages, 3 - 103. We supply wholesale unstuffed bears and unstuffed animals to party and event planners, charity event planners, program coordinators, schools, not for profit organizations and families.

Stuffing an unstuffed bear or animal can take up to 30 minutes or longer depending on how the event is staged and presented. Each part of the animal creation can be set-up at different tables or areas in the room, an unstuffed bear and animal station, a stuffing station, a naming birth certificate station, and a animal t-shirt decorating station, animal dressing station.

The unstuffed bear and unstuffed animal station is where the unstuffed bear creator will choose their new unstuffed bear or animal friend. The unstuffed bear creator can choose the unstuffed bear or animal of their choice. For more fun and random selection, blind fold the unstuffed bear creator and let them choose by feeling the animals, or draw an animal name from a hat.

After choosing the unstuffed animal or bear, the bear creator will need to stuff their unstuffed bear or animal. Stuffing can be purchased in individual 4 ounce packs or in bulk bags. The bulk stuffing can be divided into different tubs or boxes and labeled as characteristics. Ideas for unstuffed bear characteristices, are love, friendship, athletics, musical, caring, sharing and more. The unstuffed bear creator can choose from the different characteristics to stuffing their new unstuffed bear or unstuffed animal friend. Each unstuffed bear and unstuffed animal will need at least 4 ounces of stuffing.

A fluffing station could have a dryer set on cool to blow dry and fluff the fur on the stuffed animal. Loose fur pieces would be blown off and fur can be separated as well as the stuffing fully distributed throughout the animal.  

The naming station for the unstuffed bears will have the birth certificate. The unstuffed bear creator fill in the birth certificate with the name, fur color, eye color and sign the certificate as the creator of the new unstuffed bear friend.

The animal t-shirt decorating station can have fabric markers and paints and will be the location for decorating the white animal t-shirts. The unstuffed bear creator can paint and decorate the animal t-shirt to personalize it for their new unstuffed bear or animal friend. Once the animal t-shirt is decorated and dried it can be used at the dressing station to dress the new unstuffed bear or animal friend.

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