Zoo Party Crafts


Zoo Party Crafts - Zoo Animal Parties - Birthday Party Zoo Kansas City

For the child who loves Visiting the wild animals at the zoo, have a zoo animal party party! Our zoo party crafts include everything necessary to have an excellent zoo animal party in Kansas City or anywhere!

We provide all the zoo party craft supplies and you provide the zoo animal fans. Our zoo party craft favors kits include unstuffed zoo animal kits. In the kit there is an unstuffed zoo animal, stuffing fluff, and a birth certificate. In addition, you can purchase white t-shirts for the zoo animals or outfits.

The zoo animal party begins with each guest choosing their unstuffed animal. They stuff the zoo animal with stuffing and love. Then, close the zoo animal with a locking zipper closure. Next complete the zoo animal birth certificateby giving their new zoo animal a unique name. If t-shirts were purchased each guest can decorate a t-shirt for their zoo animal and dress the new friend.

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